Welcome to the Greenwich Student Peer Mentoring Scheme


Our community is here to help each other and help you make the most of your time at the University of Greenwich. 

This scheme is a peer-to-peer support system that helps new students adjust to life at the University of Greenwich. Being a member of the scheme has lots of benefits; it will help you settle in, make new friends and learn about life at Greenwich.

When you join as a new student, you are matched with current students at Greenwich through Vygo based on answers you give when joining. However, you can also browse the available mentors and read their profiles.

It can be beneficial and fun for new students to be matched with current students who know what it is like to be at Greenwich and can share their experience. The scheme is flexible, informal and aims to work around your schedule.

We would like all students at the University of Greenwich to have the opportunity to have a student peer mentor, so take your first step by joining the Student Peer Mentoring Scheme today! Joining is easy, just log in with your University of Greenwich email address from your computer or by downloading the Vygo app.

Benefits of being a mentee

·       Increase engagement and decrease isolation​​ by meeting other students

·       Start building a support network​

·       Increase self-esteem and confidence

·       Support in the transition to the University of Greenwich

·       Become a member of the university community and meet your peers​

·       Obtain Greenwich Employability Passport Points

What is expected of you as a mentee

·       Have regular meetings with your mentor

·       Respond to your mentor’s communications promptly

·       View your mentor as your go-to person and bring your questions to them

·       Take the initiative to set up some meetings and let them know how you prefer to communicate or meet

·       Share your own knowledge and experience with your mentor

·       Attend social/networking student peer mentoring events

After being a mentee for a period, you will be eligible to become a mentor and help other students, like yourself, make the most of university life. You will have the opportunity to be a member of the Student Peer Mentoring Community for as long as you are a student at Greenwich.

We look forward to welcoming you at Greenwich. If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact the Student Engagement Team on

Vygo Peer mentoring infographic